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Are you looking for a reliable and trustworthy local mechanic? Are you a resident of Moorooka or South East Brisbane? Do you want to know that you and your vehicle are in the best of hands.?

Choose RPM Workshop Moorooka for all your automotive mechanical solutions.

We offer a top-class automotive mechanics service that you will be happy to tell friends and family about. At the RPM Workshop Moorooka we pride ourselves in transparency and making sure our customers know exactly what the issues are.

Customer service is our primary objective. Feel free to check out our honest reviews on Google My Business. See what our current customers are saying about our business.

Once we establish and pinpoint an issue, we find the solution. We then communicate with you and let you know in simple but detailed terms. The things that are essential in getting your vehicle roadworthy.

Be rest assured that our prices are fair and honest. We have always believed that it’s always best for repeat business. To charge only for what is essential. When building a local business. It is essential to keep your local customer base happy. Please know that you will receive the best service we can possibly give.

Please feel free to look at our services page or check out our Google reviews here.


Dependable Local Mechanics Based in Moorooka

The RPM Workshop Moorooka is AN OWNED AND OPERATED LOCAL FAMILY BUSINESS that treats your vehicle like their own.

We must! Our business depends on repeat and referral customers.

It’s as simple as that!

Rowan the owner makes sure that you know exactly what’s happening with your vehicle with every careful step, in a way you will understand.

No question is a dumb question to him!

So please do not hesitate to ask any question you are unsure of.

We value our customers so please, come and see us the at RPM Workshop in Moorooka. Simply call 07 3112 7619 or go to the enquiry form and we will respond quickly.

We hope to see you soon.